• Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy

    Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy (HABIT) is a new type of physical therapy intervention developed at Columbia University.  Its chief aim is to improve the use of both arms in daily function.

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    Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy
  • Reading After Hemispherectomy – An Introduction

    Reading is one of mankind’s most important cultural inventions.  Literacy skills are imperative to functioning in today’s modern society:  you must read to take the bus, properly dose medication, or use a computer.

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    Reading After Hemispherectomy – An Introduction
  • Mission

    Most of our research addresses how one half of the brain can recover some of the functions lost when the other  half is removed – the most extreme example of neuroplasticity.  If a child with half a brain can do it, then imagine the answers they hold for those with traumatic brain injury, autism, cerebral palsy, and dyslexia.

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